Top 10 Best Free Dating Sites in USA 2020

Wish to go on a virtual date or want to have a 3 am convo about life? Or want to just “Begin

again” ?

We just need someone in our occupied lives, whom we can just rant about anything and

everything. The problem is we are nervous, some of us are either introverts or some lack

even basic confidence in meeting someone. 

Boom! Dating Apps are a saviour!

We all know how much popular dating apps are, you just have each type! Pun intended. The

dating applications have literally changed over time, you don’t even need to step out of your

home, a chat can give you ample amount of idea that you should move on with this further

or not. “omg is she my soulmate”? or “is he really this good or being a creep” we’re sure you

all must have the same questions when you start a talk.

Now the question arises what sites to go after? Are the sites trustworthy? Do we really need

to pay to talk to someone, huh? We will answer all of your questions. In a 24×7 workaholic

country like USA, we’ll tell you which dating sites to go which will find you the one. Here are

the 10 free dating websites for y’all. HAPPY DATING GUYSS

1. Hinge- Dating and relationships

Hinge is more inclined towards relationships rather than hook-ups, you can have this app in

your smarphone which is available for iPhones/ ipads and Android devices. It asks you’re

your preferences in the beginning and will straight take you towards the one love you vouch

for. It’s not necessary that you will find love, you may also connect and make new friends.

Who knows these friends may turn the air around you in love!

When you sign up, you are presented with a very selected list of nearby users, mostly from

your facebook friends list according to criteria you give to the site like gender, age,

proximity. It has the system of liking each other back for both of you to message each other.

2. Hily – Meet New People, Make Friends & Find Dates

The pretty thing about Hily is it notifies you whenever someone likes your profile , not

waiting until you like theirs to know if it’s a match. It’s quick like that! When you see a

profile, there are a series of short videos like playdate, where you can just swipe and have


It is available on android and for iphone users both. This a free app but there are some extra

unique features where you need to pay. Y’all need to remember one thing, they push their

service, Hily Elixir during the sign up that it can be a bit tricky to search for their free opt

3. eHarmony

This is one of the top site in US. The flaw here is, this site does’nt look for its inactive

accounts so you never get to know that is the person genuinely not using the app or just

ignoring you?!  The site is free but to avail all the luxury benefits, you gotta subscribe!

eHarmony uses the concept of “Compatibility Matching System” where you give your

responses to a particular set of questions like your taste in music or are you good with kids

or what is your idea of love. All these match you perfectly with the almost same mindset. It

just rightly fits!

It’s success rate Is amazing! 71% of women, 69% of men meet their spouses on eHarmony

within a year in the US. The divorce rate of people met through this site is just 3.86%

compared to traditional divorce rate which is 50%

Arghh that’s a lot to process for sure! But isn’t it good right? Installing eHarmony rn, lol, just


4. Match

Match is another top popular site that allows you to freely express yourself and your beliefs.

Like other competitors, this give you writing sections to highlight your preferences. You can

choose upto 26b photos to be posted on your wall. The best feature is the security and

privacy of your data, it is encrypted, this is the main reason why many people trust this site.

This has crowd of all age groups, some users complain that the 20+ age group profiles are

fake but it is easy to determine if the person is robot or a genuine person

5. Bumble

Similar to Tinder in many ways, Bumble enables users to find a match by swiping right (if

you like the person) or left (if you don't). The amazing feature of video chat, gives it a upper

edge over any dating sites. Here, the lady makes the first move, can we sense

empowerment? Hell yes! You can get logged in via facebook or your phone number is


6. OKCupid

OkCupid too uses the format of match system after liking each other’s profiles. It is

for real people who want to meet real ones, are are not really up for fun. The

support system of this app is fab, if you are facing any unusual glitch you can directly

contact the concerned support staff. 

They are responsive. This has no video chat, yes

a sad thing but okCupid is the only platform that beautifully gathers all your info and

give you the best search results! So yes, this is the beauty for ya’ll

7. Plenty of Fish

This gives you tons of free features including free online Personality Assessment

which can help members find the desired match. This has 90 million plus registered

active users globally. Yes this may give you the feeling of matchmaking sometimes

but it’s okay as long as you’re enjoying the other person’s company, everything looks

fair. The feature of “Ultra Match” that means top 50 people who matches your

criteria are shown in your wall, so that you may go fishing with one of them soon?

Pretty good isn’t it?


This is known as the genuine dating site among all because of it’s easy visuals, glitch

free talking and less fake users. They focus more on long term relation rather than

hook ups, they give you one quiz which you answer and the site will take you to the

people who are most compatible to you. Let’s play the quiz people!


Looking for a match that matches your faith? Well this one is for you, Christians!

This has been a famous online dating service for people of the Chrisitan faith.

It uses your not-really biographical and thiker-like answers to find you a match.

This a free website but to enjoy new features, you gotta pay a little, this is

considered cheaper than it’s competitors, like it’s just $34.97 for a two-week

premium membership.

10. CoffeeMeetsBagel

Are you tired with your bff constant snuggles to find her a boyfriend? and want to

suggest a perfect match for her, CoffeeMeetsBagel is for you. This app will need your

education, work and location info which will help you to connect with local matches

too with which you can suggest matches to your friends who you think they’ll go

easy with. Okay so now we’re the new matchmakers! Boom !

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