10 Best Free Online Dating Sites Over 50 – (REVIEWS & COMPARISON)

Good and healthy relationships don’t just happen over a day or night or in an hour. It needs patience and the couple who truly want to be together to live a productive life.

When we see today’s life, be it of men or women, the hectic life has given rare chances for couples to spend some quality time together. People do not even get the probabilities of meeting new people easily or know them.

Now that most of us are aware of several types of dating sites available, picks are made in the blink of an eye. Several dating sites have swiped away the process of dating in person and have let people know each other very well through scrolling profiles.

According to a survey of 2017, 65% of gay couples and 29% of heterosexual couples had met online. Isn’t it amazing? In a society where LGBTQ are excluded and often are scared to come out of their closet, an era of dating site has changed the meaning of their identity and happiness.

Dating sites have changed the way we socialize with others and it is obvious that millennial are so comfortable with this kind of socialization.

Dating sites do not just help an individual to search partner or be in love relationship but it makes them able to deal with challenges of expressing emotions with others, deal with loneliness and sexual satisfaction as well. 

Some dating sites are devoted to those who want to get married and get the one who matches you on a serious note. One of the essential aspects which threaten the dating experience is the site which costs high. Today we will be providing you foretaste of the top 10 best free online dating sites of 2020. Let us have a look in detail:


One of the most amazing advantages of using the site is that is free of cost and is similar to Tinder. Women are the ice breakers in this site as they have to initiate chats first. The site gives the user possible matches and chances to talk to new people.


  • Women do not get unwanted messages since they are the ice breakers.
  • About 60% of matches result in a conversation.
  • The gender demographics are almost equal.


  • Men can’t send messages or initiate chats first.
  • 24-hour ticking time clock for the match to respond does not go well.
  • The swiping session is a bit tough in the site.


Now that most of us know about Tinder, we also know that the site is free to use. We can’t deny that premium packages are available but we cannot ignore the fact that the site is so user friendly and usable even without premium membership!


  • The site enables users to make profiles very easily and quickly.
  • It is user friendly with swiping left and right options.
  • It improves your text game as messaging is the only way to be able to convert matches to dates.


  • Putting up images and essential information on the site raises some privacy concerns while Tinder itself carries its own set of privacy issues. 
  • Tinder can promote compulsive use of smartphones as several people spend more time on the site.
  • The accidental swipes cannot be fixed.


One of the fantastic dating site Mingle2 is meant for couples who are single and want to have fun. One of the amazing aspects of the site is that it is so easy to use and is free of cost.


  • All the features of the site are free to use.
  • It is user friendly and does not annoys you with adverts.
  • One can see user reviews on the homepage.


  • The site has no help section.
  • Sear results of the profile lack information.
  • Online text ads color and the color of the menu items are the same.


The dating site provides the user plentiful choices in formatting profile which includes design and creativity. The site is absolutely free to use and allows in-depth matches which include personality as well as physical attraction matching potential as well.


  • Easy to navigate design to set up quickly.
  • User-friendly with amazing search features.


  • Very less data base.
  • Lots of fake accounts.


If you are thinking of dipping a toe into the world of online dating then Match can be a good start as it has free membership and allows you to create a profile and view potential matches.


  • A good number of users to search through as it is the second largest dating site.
  • It shows someone’s preferences on their profile.
  • You can message anyone that interests you.


  • Degraded quality of the dating pool on the site.
  • Anyone can message you which can be annoying.


One of the amazing things about Pure is that it also comes in the form of an Android app. It is suited for those who seek hook-ups and has unique design and features compared to other dating sites.


  • It is user-friendly.
  • The design of the site is quite attractive.
  • It has complete privacy for users.


  • Not good for those who want a serious relationship.
  • People might take time to gauge the usefulness of the site.


The easy to use site Plenty of Fish is a hook-up friendly platform as well as value-driven. It is considered one of the most visited dating sites in the world and is a free dating site.


  • Less messaging limits.
  • Live Streaming option.
  • Simple onboarding.


  • Chances of spam messages.
  • Unable to link social media accounts.


The site allows you to chat and socialize on the network free of cost. It does not need to be upgraded to enjoy premium services. Isn’t that amazing?


  • Completely free to use.
  • User-friendly interface.


  • The layout of the site is less appealing.
  • Few fake profiles on the site.


The dating website is somewhat different from others as it allows you to find and have conversations with people based on book tastes! You will be thrilled to know that the site is free to use.


  • An appealing layout of the site.
  • Perfect for book lovers.
  • Decent and qualified matches.


  • Not for fun-loving people.
  • Fewer users in comparison to other sites.


With a vibrant base for users, the site is so tempting on the internet that an individual can avail of free membership and enjoy the top features!


  • Pretty cool for teenage students.
  • User-friendly and easy to use.
  • Several users from across the world.


  • Not appropriate for elders who want to date.
  • Need to sign up for a premium account.

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