Best Unique Ways To Masturbate For Men

There’s nothing wrong in masturbation! If you are still wondering if solo play is going to harm you someway in the long run, trust me, it won’t! It’s all about biology and what’s wrong when your body demands it? It is a natural phenomenon to release your built-up sexual stress, and that’s fun, don’t you agree? 

Besides, masturbation comes with a lot of health benefits. It doesn’t only give you sexual pleasure but at the same time, it relieves your stress and improves your sleep. Here are a few top best ways to masturbate to start with ‘how to masturbate tips’, and these are sure to help if you are new into your teenage or in case you are already a grown-up and want to make the feel even better:

Build your mood

You need not be quick here! Take your own time. It’s important to be able to enjoy your “alone time”if you want to feel the pleasure. If you are hurrying down to work, it’s better that you postpone it for some time later. Take time in teasing yourself or you can even try out watching your favorite erotic video. Build your mood and you are sure to enjoy it!

Take time and explore

One of the best tips to masturbate is to have ample time in hand. You can never enjoy a session if you are in a hurry! Take time in experimenting with different strokes, speed, positions, toys, and hands. Try figuring out which one of them actually turns you on!

Switch your postures

Well, you never know which position gives you the maximum satisfaction until and unless you have tried all of them. If you generally masturbate in a standing position, try leaning against the wall this time or sit on the couch. Whatever you do, make sure that you feel comfortable and relaxed, only then you will be able to ejaculate better orgasm. 

Go for a ‘lube’

From masturbation to intercourse, ‘lube’ is a must-have to ensure that you do not get even a minor desensitization of your penis, rug burns and more. If you haven’t bought it yet, go for one that is water based and unscented unlike the lotions that come in a scented format and can harm your sensitive area instead!

Try the hip game

Well, even if you aren’t playing with your partner, why don’t you fancy about it? After all, it’s all about your imagination that keeps you aroused, isn’t it? This ‘hip game’ simply means that you move your hips in a back-and-forth motion till the time your intensity increases. This can give you an outstanding sensation during your solo play. Give it a try and see how it works!

Change hands

Switching hands is just like changing your position. Find out which hand gives you the intense pleasure. Most men usually use the hand that is dominant. However, you may also try using the non-dominant hand for at least once and see how that feels to you. Switching hands gives you different sensations and you are sure to love the session once you take it up.

Try out different strokes

Want to enjoy the maximum out of your masturbating session? Try out different strokes! Try satisfying yourself with a full hand grip, twisting strokes, that classic three finger grip and a bit of rubbing. You may even choose to hold your penis against your stomach and make out which of them seems to be more exciting to you. 

Show love to the rest of your genital

Is it just the penis that gives you all the pleasure? Certainly not! Don’t you love it when your partner gently holds on to your testicles or shaft? You do, right? Don’t miss it during a solo session either. Rub your taint and you will gradually be able to feel that intense sensation till the time you feel like ejaculating. 

Try the “ball game”

Just as you feel that you are about to ejaculate, move your fingers around the scrotum and squeeze the sac. Don’t try to be too aggressive right at the first go! Be a little soft and if you think that you are liking it, continue doing! This is going to give you a sensation wherein you will feel as if the semen is travelling all across your testicles to make its way to the exit

Did you forget the prostrate?

The male G-spot is an essential part to look at, if you are actually thinking of intensifying your sexual experience to the fullest. Rub your anal opening and massaging it right will enhance your feel of enjoying the pleasure doze. 

Repeat ‘edging’

Edging is the process of taking back the orgasm every time you feel like ejaculating. It will be all over just as you ejaculate! Stroke your penis as it was about to ejaculate but then, pull it back. Repeat this over and over again till the time you want it to let go! This, in turn, will help you gain the feel of pleasure for a much prolonged period of time. 

Add toys if you want

There’s a wide range of toys available for the men to masturbate. Toys include pocket strokers, fleshlights and prostrate stimulators would enhance your solo performance as a whole! 

Pay for porn

You would certainly not want to go around the internet to find a video that you actually like when you are aroused! Therefore, pay for porn to ensure that you get the one that you like right at your finger tip and enjoy. There are a lot of folks around, delivering you with the exact content that you have been looking for, but none of them are free!

Try outside videos

Of course, porn videos are the most in demand. However, there’s a lot more beyond that! Why don’t you try audiobooks or may be, just books? If you are actually passionate about reading erotic books, or checking out audiobooks, you are sure to want that pleasure over and over again! 

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