TOP 10 Big Penis Problems You Must Know

After every sexual gossips with our bffz, our reaction is like “how much heat did the giant produced”, “ inches info please?! That pretty much sums up the fantasy world we live in.

This is widely believed that women like Big D and the whole sex game depends on the sword, well yes penis comes first when it comes to satisfaction but do It’s size really matter? Some men are genuinely concerned about the size up from a young age, just like too short can be a problem, well, too long have it’s own disadvantages too!

Studies show that, 45% of women are unsatisfied with their partner’s penis size, wishing it to be 7 inches or more, duhh 7 inches? What are dicks, your everyday Sub Sandwich? but the rest of the women had said that Big D doesn’t really matter and they know how much struggle is to keep up with Big D’s.

We all know, sex life is considered to be important for a healthy relationship. If you’re not a good cook? A good cock-sucker would do!

Listing some of the disadvantages of having Big D’s

1.Blowjob is a Horror Story!

Normally too, giving blowjobs is already a task. It is important for men. Okay! Very important

How much a mouth can take varies from person to person. Once you master the art of doing it with your muscles relaxed and you don’t experience gagging anymore, then there’s no limit to it but for a normal human being, doing with 7 above is a task. A mission impossible for some maybe? 

2.You need a XXXL Condom

Normal condoms won’t really fit you. You need a extra large size condom, because you can’t get escape wearing them unless you don’t want babies with your one night stand partner. Sounds scary right? Not to worry, Durex Lubricated condoms are of a good quality and is available in right large sizes. Please get a scale and then go to the chemist! Fun fact! – TheyFit size G31 is the World’s largest condom with 9.45 inches with width of 69mm. Dudee who are these people? Do they even exist duhhh

Durex Lubricated condoms

3. Penetration Issues

Are men aware how much a women is willing to take inside? This is scientifically proven that hard-sex pains, in some cases and while ladies are okay with 7 inch giant some really care about their feminine capacity. The cervix may get injured or in some cases bleeding too. This issue may look petty, but this has chances of ruining your desired night. Want to take a risk?

4. Position Issues

We see many new trends in sexual world, there exists people who are creative in ways that leads them in making every new position each day. Positions are fun, they spice up your sex life but with a Big D some of them might look like a nightmare but this is something that is never ending, to all the big d’s out there, c’mon give nation new positions! Of course you can’t make your girl angry like that no?

5. Is it aesthetic ?

We also live in a world that judges you by look, by look w also mean, your sword!

Since social networking is on the rise, couples who are in long distance give each other pleasures by sending pictures. While photo may not do justice to the reality sometimes, it is sceptical that the giant would look good or bad? I bet no one would want to hear “eww so ugly and messed up”

6. You Need a Jeans Designer!

If your penis is large, normal size jeans won’t fit, it would look like the mighty sword popping out and the testicals saying Hi to y’all. Tight jeans are of course, strictly out of your wardrobe! Designing just a size bigger jeans would make life more comfortable!

7. A hide and seek in the morning!

The nation knows what happens to a guy in the morning, and when you have that big D to handle, no pyajamas can hide that building. It just feels inappropriate to get that huge erection in home or in public, it does create embarrassment for some men. You just have one option now, to hide in the balcony maybe? Aah a nice treat to the birds!

8. A Scary Washroom story!

Men with big penis often complain that while pooping, there  occurs a situation where dick touches the toilet seat, that is so unhygienic and disgusting. Some even complained that the sword hits the seat’s water. WHAT ? Are you the same 9.45” guy that we talked above.

9. Insecurities

Fun puns apart, this word is a place for overthinkers too. Even a pimple on a man’s face can make him depressed. We never really know when these small issues can become serious in a mans’s life, at some point in their life they might to start think that “is it too small?” , “is it too big”. Some even question that his partner even deserves something like this or not?

10. Need of few materials!

At last, but not the least, with such enormous genitals come a lot of care. To make things all good, one should always carry a lube with himself. That might help in reduction of the friction. It leads to a much safer sex, also it reduces the risk of injury or bleeding if one is opting to be rough in bed. Experts suggest this had proven its abilities and has done wonders. So who’s up for a foreplay huh?

Practically and frankly speaking, this is all in God’s hands as to what we get, we suggest y’all to love each and every part of your body because that is so natural. Yes, modern times require things to be perfect as hell but we should have the quality of acceptance, we are not suggesting a boring life here, not at all, we all deserve amazing stuff, like the 9 inch mighty sword. Dudee go hunt for that man. Don’t ever miss a chance with these ones 

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