How To Make Penis Thicker & Longer Naturally Permanent?

Are you looking for ways to improve your sex life? Yeah, certainly there's no point in

carrying that frustration anymore. Attracting other women towards yourself will become

quite easy, and you will gradually gain the confidence in yourself with a naturally larger

penis. However, in some of the cases, these surgeries, pills or devices will give you a longer

and thicker penis. You may go for any of these procedures to to make penis thicker and

longer naturally permanent and turn your desire into reality:


Whether you want an add-on or a replacement, the first and foremost method that pops up

in almost all of our heads is none other than a surgery. Yeah, that helps! In a surgery, a

ligament is usually cut off and then it is allowed to hang a little further. It is certainly a

costly affair and may lead to several risks like infections, painful erections, scar tissue and

lack of sensation. However, when done by a good surgeon, it can help you get a longer penis

permanently. Cosmetic penile enhancement surgeries are still going around though!


Wondering how to increase the size of penis by hand? Well, stretching helps! The concept

of Jelqing or penis stretches is basically derived from the ancient Arab civilization. This

technique is primarily a way to enhance the length and girth of your penis. However, it

does more harm than good. Medical practitioners say that instead of increasing the length

of your penis, this process is actually responsible for the curvature of your penis as

stretching it bends your penis.

Penis extenders:

This is typically a kind of device that is placed underneath the men's innerwear to stretch

the penis. Although it can increase the length and girth of your penis up to half an inch,

wearing it for long hours can add discomfort as well as enhance your risk of getting scars

on the penis.

Platelet-rich plasma injections:

This procedure basically separates out your platelet-rich plasma and then injecting the

same into your penis. The basic purpose of this method is to stimulate the blood flow

through the vessels and make it appear bigger.

Fat injections:

This is one of the most popular ways to make your penis look thicker and longer than it

actually is! Surgeons basically apply the procedure of liposuction (a patient's own fat) and

then use a syringe to transfer that fat into the shaft of the penis. It usually raises the length

of your penis slightly by less than an inch. Case studies say that these results are not

permanent and there are chances that your penis will shrink back to its normal size over

the time.

Change your diet:

How to enlarge penis by food? While spinach boosts up your testosterone level, carrots

make your sperm healthy. Changing your diet may not show you results overnight but is

sure to improve your libido in the long run. Oats, apple and avocados, if taken on a regular

basis can do wonders!

A penile implant:

A silicone implant may help in increasing the length and girth of your penis, thus, making

your penis longer permanently for the rest of your life. Though this technique has

successfully worked with a lot of people, it's quite expensive, costing you around $13,000.

Also, you may be subjected to several risks like implant breakage or infections.

PE Holy Grail:

If you are suffering from erectile dysfunction or is looking for ways to increase the length

and girth of your penis, this PE Holy Grail will be a savior for you! It is one of the most

successful e-book with penis enlargement techniques that succeeded in gaining a customer

base over 1000 in just a short span of time.


Penis increase girth exercises can be really fruitful at times! This is quite similar to the

stretching process, often implemented for penis enlargement naturally. However, you can

actually gain benefits from this process only if you handle things manually with care. Make

sure that you perform this only when you are flaccid and stop it immediately if you feel any

discomfort or pain in your penis.

Shaving your pubic hair:

This process would not actually increase the size of your penis, but it will make your penis

appear so! As you clean off all your pubic hair, your penis will apparently look bigger than

its original size.


It is a procedure that restricts the blood flow to your penis. It focuses on activating the

nerve cells and stimulating the cavernous tissue of the penis. This helps to increase the

thickness of penis and thus, give you a penis with a greater girth. Clamping the penile girth

can help you increase the girth of your penis permanently by using a cable clamp to tie

around the base of your penis. You can go for a male clamp or a cock ring to see if this

works for you!


When it comes to increase the length and thickness of your penis naturally and

permanently, massaging can be a good help! One of the formulae that goes around quite

popular is to massage a mixture of crushed baobab bark and fruit along with a freshly

plucked leaf or red Jatropha. Add shea butter to the mixture if needed! Olive oil when

mixed with Fenugreek oil and cocoa butter might work as well. These essential oils have

got their own properties and as they would enhance the blood circulation of your penis,

you are sure to get positive results!

When can I expect to witness a thicker and longer penis naturally and permanently?

The amount of time that you would need would vary from one man to another! It depends

entirely on the kind of approach that you take and the consistency you maintain! Of course,

you inherit some traits and you cannot alter everything on your choice. However, you can

still work upon to make things better, bigger and thicker!

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