OkCupid Review [ 100% Honest ]

Web-based dating applications can be flighty, irritating some of the time, right? Those unremarkable swiping applications and blurred web-based dating locales. The straight point is that these applications get tedious and turning grey excessively quick, particularly for the individuals who have a place with the millennial age. Thus, on the off chance that you are at last finished with its horseshit.OkCupid is for you  It offers an extraordinary way in the centre, dissimilar to these applications for you. Propelled since 2004, has been recorded as Top 10 internet dating locales in Times Magazine. Indeed, even today, keeping up a decent rate reliably powerful dynamic database throughout the years. 


  • It offers you much more reliable and convenient options than other swipe matches than those typical dating platforms. It’s quick, easy to find an ideal member to talk to, flirt with, and meet up with excitement.  
  • OkCupid mainly focuses on social justice, multi-faceted along with dynamic matchmaking, and the budget-friendly mechanism that makes it unique from its competitors.  
  • Zero browsing fees are offered by this dating platform, and you get a chance to gel with people on this site.  
  • OkCupid provides you with amazing special features ultimate spot.  
  • Upgrading to A list is budget-friendly provides you with super amazing features also, what is more, shocking here is that you don’t feel worthless even in the free version of this app.  
  • OkCupid has undergone many major or minor upgrades and updates, but one of the most exceptional changes in its convenience massaging rules.  
  •  The straightforward cute, appealing design makes it more exciting and less distracting.  
  • Profiles on these platforms are robust.  


  • Even though free interface serves lots of irreverent ads   
  • Though registration is free here, but to enjoy its full functionality, you need to spend quite a few pence, making it worthwhile.  
  • Due to its free registration often most, people join it quite casually and don’t take this platform seriously.  
  • For residents of a small town, there is limited access to full categories and sections, so they don’t get to enjoy it to its fullest.  
  • You don’t get the facility for video chat.  

Be that as it may, it’s very obvious at your first look you may think that its hard to state what separates OKCupid from all other web-based dating destinations, which has a birthplace of matchmaking like the all other, yet it does not have its tricks, dissimilar to the next parent organizations.  

Interfacing with colleagues you’re generally improbable to get together sounds much more staggering.

All things considered, a likely story of progress can be very precarious regardless of whether the site’s calculation isn’t adjusted with profile channels it tends to be bit risky thing or an outcome the oddities upsetting back rubs in your inbox from the individuals approaching the time of retirement approaching you for naked or hookup isn’t shockingly bothering?  

Be that as it may, when you’re finished with the information exchange process. This stage encourages you with educated match proposals, which spares you truly quite a bit of time. Else, you would have wound up figuring out a huge number of profiles. Indeed, even there is access to important highlights without spending any dime.  

OkCupid is a joyful stage that can be solid choices for those looking for long time love or aren’t edgy to ring their wedding chimes client ought to uncover what precisely they are searching for in these dating destinations before there used to be a greater amount of causal hookups or dates today most individuals are searching for long haul connection. 

Months Visits Estimation

OkCupid scaling height every new month over 50 million registered users worldwide an average of 50000 active user dates every upcoming week. Majority users are from the united states. Mostly user are males than females age of members range fall between 25-34 range. 

It offers gender preferences along with identities, at least 22 sexual orientation and categories it doesn’t miffs you by forcing to pick a pronoun. 

If you’re aware of online dating already; Most of them quite familiar with filling those pathetic questioners. Those questions fall too deep and fake for your likings and honestly speaking, they force and drag you to lie. This platform provides you with a choice of dating venue unlike other. They provide you with the opportunity to sync with your answer to those of ideal match’s answers. 


Administrations offered by OkCupid under two classifications, free and charge based administrations. The previous incorporates account enlistment, informing different individuals, coordinate looking, monitoring your inclinations, utilizing fundamental inquiry channels, and perusing part profiles and taking an interest in Double Take.  

Administrations with an expense help you to see who’s keen on you or preferences you and read message receipts. It has no adverts, clean utilization of cutting-edge search channels, and you can see open Q&A.  

For A-rundown essential membership, you’ve $7.95/month, $6.35/month for a quarter of a year, which comes to $19.05 altogether, and $3.95/month for a half year, totalling $23.70. 

The premium membership in A-rundown asks $24.90/month for a month, $22.90/month for a quarter of a year, and $19.90/month for a half year.  

 To get a lift, you pay $1.99 per credit for one credit, $1.89/credit for five credits and $1.69/credit for ten credits. The last two adds up to $9.45 and $16.90 separately.  

The extra Boost buy features your record, demonstrating it a large number of clients in only 30 minutes. OkCupid restores memberships naturally. 

Site Statistics 

Positioning: Its worldwide position is 1,125 and nation rank is 380. Classification rank is 9, which is heavenly.  

Part structure: 10,000,000 from USA alone. Day by day logins has 1,000,000 of part movement. Sexual orientation extent is 35% female and 65% guys. With more than 50 million clients around the world, part movement is in every case high.  

Age dissemination: There are five classifications, 18-24, 25-34, 35-44, 45-54, and those over 55. In all cases, guys are higher.

Query items: 100% of searches are natural with referrals and speed motors. 

Last verdict 

OkCupid is quite smooth and without ornaments. Its client experience and notoriety represent itself with no issue. It brings you into the information exchange process following you show up there, permitting you to make your record or connection it with your Facebook profile for a quicker progression.  

It’s extraordinary compared to other web-based dating stages, offering heaps of encouragement. As far as web-based dating is concerned, this website rules. At the point when you’ve got done with swiping applications yet aren’t looking for marriage quickly,  

 You can generally discover truthfulness and duty, close by a scramble of fun, underhandedness and hip experience. It’s arrogant, mischievous, shrewd, yet it’s not kidding, valid and fair. 

It is advancing and pacing with more youthful ages, which have brought it into the hearts of a great many singles. Notwithstanding its various directions and sexual orientation work areas, its promotions and its attention on policy-driven issues underline the significance it places on social equity and comprehensiveness. This comes as an invite help for anybody weary of routine hetero-standardizing dating locales.

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